Within your team you are likely to be working with someone going through the menopause at some points during your career. Me and my menoPAUSE asks everybody in healthcare communications to pause and consider what going through the menopause entails and the challenges your colleagues may be facing. For those going through the menopause, Me and my menoPAUSE aims to help empower you to ensure your needs are understood and addressed by your employer.

Me and my menoPAUSE was conceived and developed by the Healthcare Communications Association in collaboration with fox&cat and The Menopause Charity. The campaign was launched on World Menopause Day, 18th October 2023. The resources created draw on the expert advice from: Jenny Haskey, The Menopause Charity, Antonia Katsambis, Independent HR Practitioner, Diane Wass, Managing Director, JPA Health and Lucy Heaton, Menopause Coach.

Watch the recording from our shared experience session here:

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Together, let’s get talking about the menopause and pave the way for a more informed and supportive workplace.































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