Thinking Different Resources

The HCA has collaborated with agency Fox&Cat, and The ADHD Foundation to launch this campaign to help welcome and celebrate neurodiversity for those working in healthcare communications. It is already estimated that there are 50% more neurodivergent practitioners working in creative sectors, like healthcare communications, than in the general population.

The campaign THINKING DIFFERENT aims to help create healthier communications around neurodiversity so that the needs of neurodivergent people are understood and addressed by their employer and colleagues. The campaign unearths the many advantages of welcoming and involving neurodiverse individuals in our dynamic healthcare communications industry. In doing so, not only can we enhance creativity and innovation while also fostering inclusivity and empathy, but we can also deliver more effective and impactful communication strategies.

The campaign has three core materials:

  • Thinking Different – a guide for employers and managers on welcoming and celebrating neurodiversity in the workplace 
  • Neurodiversity & Me – a guide for those who think differently and would like more information because they’d like to start a conversation about neurodiversity.
  • Neurodiversity & You – information for whole teams to encourage them to find out more about working with, and having a conversation around, neurodiversity at work.

Please download these resources, by clicking on the images below, and use them to catalyse healthy discussion around neurodiversity within your organisation.



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