Operation Reset In Practice:

The whole world is grappling with the Covid-19 response, which by now is clearly a whole lot more than a short term crisis. There are still so many unknowns that are leading to a deluge of speculation about what could and should happen in all aspects of life moving forward, but there is already much real-time evidence within the health setting to serve as an anchor for our perspective and offer more practical guidance and inspiration.
On 9th September 2020, our Shared Experience Event provided an insight into the current opinions of senior health leaders from the NHS, independent sector and life sciences organisations in the UK.  This was followed by a panel discussion with three prominent figures working within the UK health economy – who shared their individual views on the journey so far, the progress they have witnessed, and the opportunities and roadblocks across the sector moving forward.
The event was chaired by CEO of ZPB Associates, Zoe Bedford, who shared the results of a wider piece of qualitative research undertaken during June-August amongst senior health leaders. 

Topics covered included:

  • How the NHS is managing the Covid-19 response as it moves into the ‘third phase’
  • Private: public sector collaboration – best practice and the appetite for more
  • What’s top of the list of priorities and what’s taking a back seat
  • The reality of progress towards a technology revolution in the health space

Speakers included:

  • Zoe Bedford - CEO of ZPB Associates
  • Parker Moss - Chief Commercial and Partnership Officer at Genomics England
  • Graham Kendall - Director of the Digital Healthcare Council
  • Samuel Hollis - Business Unit Director - Cardio, Renal, Metabolic (CRM Franchise) and Respiratory (R&I Franchise), Novartis

Please CLICK HERE to view a recording of this event.