HCA looking for new Management Board members with responsibility as Standing Committee Chairs

The HCA is refreshing itself with a new three-year strategy and a robust governance structure. The organisation is looking for four individuals to hold key voluntary roles within the organisation namely the Chairs of four standing committees.  Each of these posts also requires the post holder to sit on the Management Board that governs the organisation.

Standing Committee responsibilities explained…

The four standing committees, reporting directly to the Management Board, each requiring a new Chair are:
  1. The HCA Member Engagement Committee will oversee, review and maintain all areas of activity relating to membership of HCA. The role of the committee is to:
  • Set, monitor and report to Board on the membership programme of activities as defined by the HCA membership recruitment and retention strategy
  • Identify and promote the value of membership of the association and encourage the active engagement of members
  • Develop and monitor the portfolio of member services and benefits

2.    The HCA Professional Development Committee will oversee, review and maintain all areas of activity relating to professional development of HCA. The role of the committee is to:
  • Oversee HCA’s professional development programmes on behalf of the Board
  • Promote high quality professional development for existing and potential members in line with HCA’s strategy
3.    The HCA Standards and Best Practice Committee will provide expert insight on public trust matters and promote professionalism and the adoption of high standards within HCA membership, the profession and the wider industry as well as with Government, Regulators and Consumers. The role of the committee is to:
  • Enable and support HCA members to demonstrate high professional standards
  • Identify products and services which enable members to act with integrity and in a manner that inspires the confidence, respect and trust of clients and of the wider community
4.    The HCA Foresight Committee is a standing committee of HCA, reporting directly to the Management Board.  The role of the committee is to:
  • Ensure the HCA Board has a solid foundation for strategic conversations and planning
  • Enable the board to explore, make sense of, and respond to the full range of anticipated challenges in the next 5 to 10 years
The Chair of a standing committee must be able to commit to offering, on average, one (potentially up to two) days a month to the organisation in this role, to run their respective committees plus the Board time commitment.

The HCA Management Board responsibilities explained…

The Management Board is the governing body for HCA.  The role of board members is to provide the HCA management and staff team with effective strategic leadership, direction, challenge, support and guidance.  Board members work in partnership with fellow board members and the Chief Executive to ensure that strategic, business and operational plans support the organisation’s vision, mission and strategic direction and priorities.  They provide effective fiscal oversight and ensure sound risk management.

Main duties / tasks:

HCA Management Board members will be responsible for:
  • Ensuring that HCA complies with all legal requirements, the detail for which is provided by the Chief Executive
  • Oversight of the organisation’s performance, ethics, finances and risk management
  • Delegating day-to-day financial and operational management matters to the Chief Executive and their staff, in accordance with approved annual budgets, expenditure within authority levels, and annual and long-term business plans
  • Ensuring that all board members act in the best interests of HCA and not in the interests of any other company or organisation.
The time commitment is likely to be a minimum of 7 days per year (4 Board meetings plus an away-day, the AGM, and at least one other meeting or event as needed).  

Person specifications across both roles…

For key skills, attributes and desirable qualities for the joint roles please see the detailed role descriptions here.


How can you nominate yourselves or others?

Email a short paragraph about yourself or your nominee to: nominations@the-hca.org
Please include the following:
  1. Include your name, current role title, member agency, pharma company, charity or associate member.
  2. State whether you’d like to be considered as a Chair or a member of a standing committee or working group.
  3. State what committee you would ideally like to be considered for or simply that you don’t mind but want to be involved.
  4. State why you’d like to be part of that committee and what you feel you could add.
Deadline for nominations is 20 March 2020