Consultancy / Group membership application

Please note, a company marketing itself with its own brand, even if part of an over-arching group brand, needs to apply for HCA membership status in its own right, unless the parent company has taken Group Membership. Overarching groups of companies, with individually branded agencies, can apply for one group membership to cover all constituent companies.

Primary contact

The Primary Contact should be the Managing Director (or equivalent) who will be responsible for the overall membership and our senior contact for key communications regarding HCA benchmarking, exclusive senior level events etc.

Secondary contact

The Secondary Contact should be someone more junior (but still interested in the HCA) who is keen for your organisation to be involved in HCA activities. This person needs to share HCA information with your wider team in order to ensure you get the most out of your membership. This person should also be responsible for making sure that your database is kept up-to-date and that news about HCA events are circulated to your team.

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