Governance Council & Executive Committee

Members of the Governance Council & Executive Committee represent the HCA, and the discipline of healthcare communications, at relevant external industry events and initiatives.

Governance Council

The Governance Council comprises a subset of the Executive Committee and is led by the HCA Chairperson.

Governance Meetings are held at least quarterly and comprise the Governance Council and HCA CEO.

Overall the Governance Council's responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring the HCA delivers the strategy and tactics in line with the business plan
  • Monitoring to ensure the HCA remains well directed, managed, continues to deliver in-line with the organisation’s mission, fulfils all its legal and regulatory obligations and remains financially solvent
  • Hiring and performance management of the HCA CEO

Executive Committee

  • Executive Committee members are volunteers who kindly agree to provide their time and expertise to take on leadership responsibilities that support and enhance the aims of the HCA
  • Executive Committee members are full members of the HCA who are in senior positions within their organisations
  • Executive Committee members proactively support the HCA in the following ways:
    • As Ambassadors for the HCA
    • Providing Sector Insights and Strategic Advice
    • Programme Leads / Drivers

Alice Choi


Mike Dixon

Chief Executive

Neil Crump

Treasurer & Governance Committee

Annabelle Sandeman

Governance Committee

Effie Baoutis

European Communications

Miranda Dini

Medical Communications

Alison Dunlop

Consumer Health

Sorcha Ferris


Susie Hackett

In-house Communications

Edel McCaffrey

Events & Networking

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