Wellbeing Week: Social Wellbeing

We reach the end of our Wellbeing Week, but we certainly hope it’s not the end of your focus on Wellbeing.  Our week has highlighted some areas of Wellbeing to consider for yourself and for those with whom you work.  What’s important is that you keep Wellbeing in mind throughout the year.  Certain events and times of year can adversely affect somebody’s Wellbeing, so please don’t get complacent and consider Wellbeing every day.

As we head into the weekend, Laura rounds off our Wellbeing Week by sharing a few things you should consider for good Social Wellbeing.  And Sue will look back on all the ideas she has shared throughout the week to help you #GetMoving

The short video from Laura, our Mental Health First Aid Trainer, will provide some valuable insights and you can read more on our Social Wellbeing Information Sheet. Click the image below to play video.

And remember to take a break and get moving – Sue our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist will take you through a recap of the exercises she has taught throughout the week. Click the image below to play video.

Thanks for joining us during Wellbeing Week.  Please do let us know how you have found it and what you would like to see us do next year.

Finally, a massive thank you to PAPYRUS for collaborating with us on this year’s Wellbeing Week and our volunteers Rachel Martin, PAPYRUS and Blánaid Barr, Mearns & Pike who have championed this initiative from its inception.