Welcome to Wellbeing Week: WORKPLACE WELLBEING

It’s World Mental Health Day and the first day of our Wellbeing Week 2022.  Today we are discussing Workplace Wellbeing.  Most of us are now hybrid working, so we have more than one workplace. Consider each and how you can ensure not just your Wellbeing, but the Wellbeing of those in your team or office. 

Download todays Workplace Wellbeing sheet here

The short video from Laura, our Mental Health First Aid Trainer, will provide some valuable insights and you can read more on our Working Wellbeing Information Sheet. Click the image below to play video.

And remember to take a break and get moving – Sue our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist will take you through some simple exercises you can do in your workspace. Click the image below to play video. 

Your Wellbeing is extremely important to us, and we hope this week will help you consider it more.

Join us again tomorrow when we will be discussing EMOTIONAL WELLBEING