Insights from NHS Surgeon and Social Media Educator: Dr Karan Rangarajan

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Watch the session back to hear from Dr Karan Rangarajan. With over six million followers across his social media and over 297 million likes across his platforms, Dr Karan joined us to talk about his career being an NHS Surgeon as well as being on television, an author, columnist, and social media extraordinaire. 


Dr Karan Rajan studied at Westminster School and Imperial College to become a successful general surgeon.

Today he works at an NHS hospital whilst continuing to study to specialise in Oncology.

Three years ago, just before he went in to surgery, he posted a single video on social media highlighting a key medical myth and dispelling it’s facts. In just a few short hours the response was telling. The engagement with this style of content where education and media align created a opportunity for Dr Karan to grow his audience reach on social platforms, primarily through Tik Tok to educate a wide demographic on medical myths and fallacies.

In just under three years he has since become the leading  medic on the social media platform TikTok with his brutally frank medical myth busting and advice videos. Amassing 4.9 million followers on one platform alone, Dr Karan became a prominent figure across the pandemic advising and helping audiences how to navigate a way through the myriad of information and influx of news which can so easily be misinterpreted.

From here, Dr Karan has simultaneously grown across Instagram, Facebook and You Tube to create a 360 engagement to an extensive audience who all resonate with his uniquely produced video content. 2023 sees his new book pubished with Penguin Random House and a new podcast is in production.  Dr Karan has a knowledge and approach to all topics in the medical arena that is engaging, entertaining and educational. His diverse range of content connects equally with both male and female and young to old and worldwide.

In his own words. "Traditional education has been moving online for years...the sooner we embrace that the more effective we can make it".

Media Career:

Dr Karan has appeared on numerous television and radio shows reacting to current affairs and news stories around the world and regularly appears on magazine shows such as BBC’s Morning Live as a resident doctor, expanding his thoughts on the latest medical myths. His regular video content is often topic of conversation either making the news or reacting to the news. Online social accounts such as Ladbible enjoy regularly reposting his work.

Since becoming the Mail + online doctor, Dr Karan is currently writing the first of two books, embarking on a publishing career to compliment his work as well as launching a new podcast in Autumn 2022 which will see him discuss a wealth of interesting topics with a guest each week.  

Having most recently appeared on BBC 2 for their new medical series, Your Body Uncovered hosted by Kate Garraway, Dr Karan continues to develop his content into longer form series for mainstream channels and streamers, working to establish a first port of call position to bring entertaining medical education to an audience.

As well as lecturing for Universities, Dr Karan is able to host live and virtual talks where he can walk you through the steps that have driven medical education to a new and more accessible level and audience through the power of social media. At the same time he can address  a key corporate audience on the power of sleep or the importance of mental health in the workplace and how to achieve it.

Daily Mail example article here

Insights from NHS Surgeon and Social Media Educator: Dr Karan Rangarajan


56 minutes