Health More Human™ - The Power of the Patient Influencer

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General information

Understand how to collaborate with patient influencers to deliver meaningful change in health.


  • Corrina Safeio – Group Managing Director – Evoke Mind+Matter
  • Iain McFarnon – Associate Director – Influencer
  • Kesha Tansey – Director – Pharma
  • Ben Monro-Davies - Director of Communications for Duchenne UK
  • Jo Eames - Patient Influencer at Duchenne UK

Understanding the role of social in how people access and share health information is a staple of most health communications campaigns. However, engaging patient influencers can still be perceived as a brave new world. In this session, we explored how patient influencers offer an authentic voice and can support the patients we serve in a more meaningful way. It was discussed how you can tap into this powerful group of communicators with tips and advice from our panel of experts, including the UK's leading Duchenne muscular dystrophy charity Duchenne UK.

Delivered in partnership with Evoke Mind+Matter, this session covered:

  • Who are patient influencers and why have they become more relevant over recent years?
  • What can patient influencers offer pharmaceutical brands?
  • How do you interact with patient influencers in a code-compliant way?
  • Real-life examples from a charity and a patient advocate showing how patient influencers could help you to drive change

Health More Human™ - The Power of the Patient Influencer


45 minutes