Protecting employees during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak

Coronavirus:  HCA activity response and guidance for members

In response to the global situation with coronavirus, this document outlines:
1.    The impact on HCA planned and proposed activity
2.    Where members can find guidance for implementing their own response strategies

1.    The impact on HCA planned and proposed activity

The HCA recognises that many of our members have already initiated strategies in response to coronavirus, some of which include asking employees to work from home and/or avoid non-essential travel and group meetings.  As communicators, we also recognise your important role and additional workload in helping ensure responsible and effective internal and external communications during this period.  These factors, combined with the fact we will always err on the side of caution when considering the health and safety of our members, means we will not be putting any new face-to-face events into the HCA’s calendar for at least April and May and thereafter based on government advice and further assessment of the situation at that time.
There are CPD courses currently planned during this time period.  Their feasibility will be assessed based on government guidance but also, recognising some of our trainers work for organisations that may implement their own policies, based on the availability of the designated trainers.  Should we need to postpone any CPD course, we will inform registered delegates immediately. Any postponed course will be rearranged as soon as possible based on the same criteria.  Should the new date be unsuitable for any delegates, a refund will be available at that time.
The HCA had already started undertaking more virtual events to help extend the reach of these activities to a wider geography of members. These will continue during this period and we will also use virtual meetings so working groups can continue developing initiatives such as the planned HCA Conference.
The main impact will, therefore, be on our plan to hold forums (i.e. Agency Leaders, Industry Leaders, Independent Agency Leaders) and networking events during Q2 which are enhanced by their face-to-face component.  Again, these will just be delayed until such time as the climate is right for them to be rearrange.
If you have any questions, please email
  • No new events in April or May and thereafter based on government advice and further assessment of the situation at that time
  • Existing CPD courses will be assessed on an individual basis based on current government advice and the trainers’ availability
    - If they cannot be held, they will be postponed until such time as it is appropriate to rearrange
  • Virtual events will continue as planned and virtual meetings will be used to lessen any disruption to the development of our planned initiatives for 20
2.    Where members can find guidance for implementing their own response strategies
The HCA has been asked by some members to provide guidance on what they should do in response to the coronavirus situation.  It is not appropriate for the HCA to make any specific recommendations. However, we would like to direct our members to credible sources of information to help you in developing your own strategies and contingencies.
In the UK:
The government website provides the most authoritative information and guidance and provides links to other relevant and credible resources such as Public Health England and NHS England, go to link for business.
These pages and the documents they link to are updated regularly as the response strategy develops.
Additional information for the devolved nations:
For Scotland: Health Protection Scotland
For Wales: Public Health Wales
For Northern Ireland: Public Health Agency
Recognising the global nature of our members’ organisations and work, the following resources may also be of value:
World Health Organisation (WHO) Daily Situation Report
European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) coronavirus europa
Ireland: Irish Government Corona
USA: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Canada: Public Health Agency
The Global Health Security Agenda is a US led infectious disease initiative involving 31 countries.
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Protecting employees during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak: A resource guide for businesses