Contribute to the HCA’s response to the ABPI Code of Practice Consultation

Deadline to submit comments to HCA: 1st October 2018
Deadline for HCA to then respond to PMCPA: 10th October 2018

Actions required: Please review and submit to HCA any comments relating to all the areas of this consultation, but with specific focus on the proposed Qs (for Q&A). Please respond to:

Members will no doubt be aware the PMCPA has launched a consultation on proposals to change the ABPI Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry  [Full details here]

The HCA would like to submit a combined response from our members in the healthcare communication sector and invite you to submit your views, which would form the basis of this response.  This will, of course, not preclude your organisation also responding directly.

The whole consultation is clearly important as the code impacts on all UK Pharma communications activity. However, we suggest that one area that might be specifically interesting for us to focus on are the Qs (for Q&A).  The approach agreed by the ABPI Board was that, wherever possible, topics are covered in Q&As.  If the topic cannot be addressed by Q&A then the PMCPA should issue or update existing guidance.  The proposed Qs (for Q&A) are attached.  We would be particularly keen to receive members’ views on what additional Qs (for Q&A) may be helpful for the work we undertake in our sector (please provide Clause Numbers and Questions).  Also, any comments on the currently proposed Q&As.

In addition, we will collate any comments provided on the other parts (1-4) of the consultation  [Full details here]:
  1. Proposals to amend the ABPI Code of Practice for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  2. Proposals to amend the PMCPA Constitution and Procedure
  3. Diclosure template
  4. Draft principles
  5. Qs (for Q&A)
Please provide your input for the HCA response by the 1st October, allowing us time to consolidate ready for the PMCPA deadline of 10th October. 
Please send your responses to: