Successful research strategies the patient community is using in times of COVID-19

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Patient research in many areas is going to be fundamentally changed by the effects of COVID-19. Companies that already had a strong patient-centric culture involving ongoing patient engagement across the lifecycle will be more ready to focus on adaptation to the new situation. Other organizations that were not so active with patient engagement are going to have to take a stronger position in order to not be left behind.

The patient community is already adapting to the new research environment and a panel of experts has been invited to share their thoughts and insights into best practices for successful research strategies the patient community is using to stand out in times of COVID-19 and beyond.

Join the panel discussion webinar on Tuesday 23rd June at 1.30 pm London (BST) time.

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  • Dr. Albert Farrugia a Biotherapeutics consultant and patient rights advocate
  • Gareth Powell supports life sciences to engage patients' clinical design and is from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) in the UK
  • Trishna Bharadia is a multi-award-winning health advocate and international speaker and member of the MS Patient Community
  • Jane Meijlink is Chair of the International Painful Bladder Foundation and an International patient advocate


  • Nick Hicks, Commutateur Advocacy Communications
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Successful research strategies the patient community is using in times of COVID-19


Tue 23 Jun 2020

1:30 PM - 4:45 PM BST
(2:30 PM - 5:45 PM CEST)