Pitching to Win

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“Thanks so much for the training yesterday! You really have no idea how much it impacted me. As someone who is quite inexperienced at pitching it really was invaluable. I feel like I could be given a brief tomorrow and be able to tackle it!”
Feedback from ‘Pitching to Win’ course delegate, 2013

The ability to lead successful pitches is a key objective for people in Account Manager and Senior Account Manager positions in PR and Medical Education agencies.

To differentiate yourself from other agencies, it is essential for the whole pitch process to be conducted strategically.

A strategic approach to pitching begins from the moment the brief lands on your desk, to when your team is presenting on the day.

This insightful and interactive workshop has been designed to provide all the guidance you need to manage the pitch process, drawing on the recommendations outlined in the HCA Pitching Code of Conduct.


Account Managers and Account Directors who are working towards leading pitches.


Facilitated by Harry Brady, Communications and Policy Director at MSD UK and Antoinette Dale Henderson, Managing Director at Zomi Communications Training Limited, this practical and interactive event will comprise both Q&A and plenary elements. 

The workshop will begin with a panel discussion, during which delegates will have the opportunity to quiz representatives from the pharmaceutical industry, PR and Medical Education agencies about what makes for a winning pitch. 

Participants will then have the opportunity to apply best practice to a fictitious healthcare communications brief, with sections on interrogating the brief and building rapport during the pre-pitch phase, crafting recommendations that are strategically sound and will differentiate you from other agencies and top tips on delivering a winning presentation on the day. 

Throughout the workshop, delegates will receive guidance and feedback from the facilitators and have the opportunity to exchange views from the PR and Medical Education agency perspective.


The Panel will reflect the views of pharmaceutical industry decision makers and influencers who are typically involved in selecting a winning agency, as well as perspectives from senior leads at PR and Medical Education agencies. Confirmed panellists include:

From the client side:
  • Angus Evans, Associate Director of Marketing, New Products, MSD UK
  • Bhu Singh, Procurement Partner, AstraZeneca
  • Claire Brough, Communications Director, GSK (representing the Global Comms perspective)
  • Tessa Lush, External Communications and Patient Liaison, Novartis (representing the UK Comms perspective)
  • Amarjeet Singh Tank, Global Medical Affairs, AstraZeneca
From the agency side:
  • Eva Reynolds, Managing Director, Reynolds-MacKenzie
  • Ruth Slater, Senior Director, Quintiles
  • Vicky O’Connor, Head of Healthcare, Ruder Finn


  • Overview of HCA Pitching Code of Conduct
  • Defining Pitching Best Practice
    An interactive panel discussion about the key factors that contribute to a winning pitch, including the pre-pitch, pitch and post-pitch phases.
  • Understanding the Client’s Perspective 
    The strategic approach to reviewing a brief and conducting a Q&A
  • Crafting Your Recommendations 
    Best practice for the research phase, key terminology and models to define a strategic direction, top tips for ensuring strategic alignment
  • Presenting on the Day 
    Top tips for making an impact on the day, including pitching as a team, tailoring your presentation*
* NB: Although the workshop will include tips on presenting on the day, the main focus will be on creating winning content, rather than rehearsing ‘presentation skills’
Learning objectives
  • To provide insights into client’s key requirements when selecting a healthcare communications agency
  • To define pitching best practice from the perspective of winning PR and medical education agencies
  • To provide practical tools and tips to apply during the pitch process – from receiving the brief to delivering on the day
  • To complement the guidance provided in the HCA Pitching Code of Conduct
£350.00 per person (ex. VAT)

£350.00 per person (ex. VAT)

£600.00 per person (ex. VAT)
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Pitching to Win

Cohn & Wolfe, Lynton House, 7-12 Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9LT

Thu 16 Oct 2014

9:15 AM - 5:00 PM BST
(10:15 AM - 6:00 PM CEST)