Meeting Moderation in the Virtual World

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Meeting Moderation in the Virtual World

Chairing a meeting is a skill; you have to ensure everyone has the chance to speak, not just the most voluble member of the team. It's your responsibility to keep the focus and ensure the contributors remember why you are getting together, and to make sure the meeting achieves it's objective.  As many of us have been experiencing, this is even more difficult when the meeting is run virtually - we all know the Zoom Zeds, the Skype Silliness and the Teams Tiredness.  This can be avoided with a designated moderator who knows not only how to keep everyone to time, but can remain calm when technology fails, can encourage the quiet person to feel confident and contribute their ideas, and who knows when it's necessary to call a break.  If you want to learn more about these skills and techniques and how to ensure your meetings are interesting, educational, and enjoyable, sign up to develop your moderation skills in the virtual world.

Trainer: Nicola Hill, NC Media ltd.

About Nicola:

Nicola is an experienced TV journalist and presenter, specialising in health and medicine.  She regularly chairs conferences, both in the UK and internationally.  Her years of broadcasting with Sky News and the BBC  means she knows how to communicate through a lens; the challenges of presenting live with a variety of guests, and what to do when the technology goes wrong.  As a communications expert she has worked with many public relations teams and uses her presenting experience to regularly moderate advisory boards, both in situ and in a virtual environment.  

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Meeting Moderation in the Virtual World

Online Training

Tue 21 Jul 2020

10:00 AM - 1:30 PM BST
(11:00 AM - 2:30 PM CEST)