Career Goal Setting Workshop – understanding the neurology and psychology of performance

General information
Have you ever wondered how elite athletes train their minds to deliver on what their bodies are capable of? Or what high performers from the business world have in common?  The truth is that nothing will work unless you do, and this course will explain how high performance thinking is key to achieving both personal and wider business successes.

What is your career goal? Do have already have a winning mindset and game plan? Or are you unsure how to drive your career goals forward, or even what your goals should be? If any of this strikes a chord give this course a try. It will enable you to set very personal career goals, rather than simply copying your peers, and realise the need for personal change to deliver on your potential. It just might be the first step to a whole new you. 

The trainer for this event, Simon Clarkson of Thinkworks, develops high performance thinking, working with both elite sporting professionals and organisations within the corporate world to realise the potential of their most important asset – people.

At this dynamic workshop, we will introduce delegates to a number of schools of thought in goal setting including performance psychology, practical behavioural models and neurophysiology. These theories will all  be delivered in a uniquely pragmatic way to give attendees hard evidence as to how our self-imposed limits, which give us expectations and beliefs far below our true capabilities, come into being.   Then through practical and simple tools, backed by the neurological understanding as to how they actually work, participants will then be taken through the process of setting goals.

Participants will leave inspired and with a genuine understanding as to how to apply the skills gained at the workshop to challenge their current mindset, take a behaviour approach towards high performance thinking and personal goal setting in both the short and longer term.

Key outcomes and benefits for attendees

  • Delegates feel confident and well equipped in goal setting and in discussing this with their employer
  • Delegates feel inspired and motivated to take control of their destiny

Target Audience

This workshop is open to all levels, from junior right up to senior.  However, it is recommended that attendees have at least two years of work experience behind them in order to maximise their learning potential.


Simon Clarkson, Thinkworks
Learning objectives


  • To understand the neurology of high performance thinking including the importance of mindset and beliefs in goal setting
  • To enable attendees to consider their personal goals and think differently about what they want from their role.  Giving delegates an opportunity to reflect and consider what they really want from their career
  • To assess where they are now, where they want to be, and the best way to set goals - Going beyond SMART goals

Delegate Feedback From Thinkworks Training Events

"The ability to live consciously and with deep personal intent is a hallmark of all high achievers. To create clear images of a future you wish to lead and then go out and live this vision is the pathway to true greatness...Simon’s work gives us permission to think about what type of life and career we want to create for ourselves and then inspires us to use the tools to make it happen."

Mike Forde, Former Performance Director - Chelsea FC.

"Simon's expert advice and guidance combined with a warm and engaging approach is a winning combination. He is able to inspire others and open their minds to consider new options and perspectives. He facilitates powerfully at multiple levels, enabling individuals to consider what they are learning from both a personal as well as business perspective."

Natasha Adams, HR Director - BBC, Digital.

"Simon gave us tools to think more clearly about how we can challenge our own limits and actually put into practice the changes that sound great in theory but often get put off when faced with the day to day challenges of the workplace, essentially driving us to be sustainably more personally effective."

Paul Brown, Commercial Director - Innocent Drinks.
£350.00 per person (ex. VAT)

£210.00 per person (ex. VAT)

£600.00 per person (ex. VAT)
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Career Goal Setting Workshop – understanding the neurology and psychology of performance

Huntsworth Health, 10 Dean Farrar Street, London SW1H 0DX

Thu 28 Apr 2016

9:30 AM - 5:00 PM BST
(10:30 AM - 6:00 PM CEST)