The Use of Data/Tech in Healthcare

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Panel Member: Dr Puja Myles, Head of Observational Research & Joint Interim Director of CPRD (Clinical Practice Research Datalink)

Panel Member: Grace Annan-Callcott, Programme Advisor for Welcome Trust 

Moderator: Kathrin Harhoff - Managing Director at Real Chemistry


The use of Real World Data has enabled us to address pressing healthcare needs much for quickly and reliably, predicting outcomes and risks, foremost with the best interest for patients at the centre of decision making.

However, there is still a lack of information for the public on how patient data is used and why it’s important. As a result, the public debate is quickly taken over by data privacy activists that focus on highlighting the relevant risks associated with personal health data. As communicators, we can and need to do more to shift the conversation.

In this panel discussion, we’re going to focus on:

  • Why we need to have a better patient data narrative to provide a more balanced perspective on risks and benefits on the use of patient data
  • Why we need research, advocacy but also better communication to build trust and put patients at the centre of decision making
  • How we as communicator can make a difference when it comes to data availability, quality and protection for individuals

With guest panellists who specialise in health research and legislation, this is a discussion not to be missed. As the demand for data and use of technology continues to increase in healthcare, the need for trust and use of anonymised patient data from the public will be vital for health innovation.


Dr Puja Myles, Head of Observational Research & Joint Interim Director of CPRD

Dr Puja has been at CPRD since April 2017 and is responsible for observational research team activities including data characterisation, value-added research services and research advice provision. She’s worked for Public Health England and taught at University of Nottingham.

Grace Annan-Callcott, Programme Advisor for Wellcome Trust 

Grace leads the learning, communications and influence work for the Data for Science & Health team at Wellcome. She supports the team to help explain how trustworthy data science can advance Wellcome’s aim to solve the urgent global health challenges facing everyone, with a focus on infectious diseases, climate and health, and mental health. She was Comms Officer for Understanding Patient Data, publishing content across multiple channels to influence the way patient data is used, and make the system more transparent, accountable and trustworthy.

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The Use of Data/Tech in Healthcare

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Tue 13 Dec 2022

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