In Conversation with Endpoint News Senior Editor, Amber Tong

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Watch back our 'in conversation with Amber Tong, Senior Editor at Endpoints News' session which was the third instalment of our “meet the journalist” sessions. Amber joined Carolyn Armstrong, Associate Director at AXON Communications to explore topics from best practices for working with media to hot topics and predictions for biopharma and R&D in 2024.

Biography: Amber Tong

Amber Tong is a senior editor at Endpoints News, a leading source of news and analysis for the thriving biopharmaceutical industry and a member of the Financial Times Group.

In addition to writing on the biggest scientific and business updates of the day, she steers coverage decisions for the newsroom and sets the agenda before the US and Europe are awake. She has a particular focus on oncology, and how technologies developed for cancer are being used in other diseases. Working out of Hong Kong, she has also helped bring attention to the growing role Asia plays on the global biopharma stage. 

Amber is a graduate of Rice University, with a degree in anthropology, and has lived in Houston and Sheffield.

Recent articles from Amber:

In Conversation with Endpoint News Senior Editor, Amber Tong


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