A Life in a Day: Lung Cancer

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A Life in a Day special offer to HCA Members 

Members of The HCA can book individual experiences for A Life in a Day experiential learning programmes – otherwise limited to larger groups

A Life in a Day provides simulation-based experiential learning, where the participant becomes the patient and experiences the challenges, choices, and impact that real patients face every day.

A unique, immersive experience delivered globally, A Life in a Day has been developed to increase patient-centric thinking and behaviour for people who work in healthcare.

As a member of the HCA you are able to take part in one of the experiences as an individual, and avoid the need to purchase multiple license fees. 

Over a period of 24-hours as a participant, you will go about your day as usual, but for the duration, face what it is like to suffer from a specific disease or condition using a combination of mobile app, role-plays, and a sealed kit of items.

About A Life in a Day:
A Life in a Day was created in 2015 by The Method, a British company specialising in immersive and interactive learning and development experiences to effect behaviour change. Led by Mark Doyle, co-founder of The Method and an entrepreneur and actor with more than 15 years’ experience in the creative arts, A Life in a Day aims to support patient-centric care by helping the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries understand and relate to the daily challenges and choices patients face. It is an award-winning, innovative training simulation that uses Doyle’s acting experience as a foundation on which to elicit an emotional response and inspire change, It is rooted in patient insight and designed to be completed during a typical working day to reflect the reality of living with a chronic health condition. 


£490.00 per person (ex. VAT)

£490.00 per person (ex. VAT)

£490.00 per person (ex. VAT)

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A Life in a Day: Lung Cancer

Virtual Meeting

Wed 28 Sep 2022

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM BST
(10:00 AM - 6:00 PM CEST)