General information

The availability of ChatGPT has thrust the involvement of AI into our everyday lives.  The major search engine providers are investing billions in the race to integrate AI into their products.  This session provided:

  • A digestible background to the technology; helped dispel some of the myths and explained some of the wonders
  • Outlined the rationale for the concept of pharmaGPT
  • Discussed the opportunities/risks

Presented by Stephen Mott,  Founder and CEO pharmaGPT

Biography - Stephen Mott

Steve has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry and with medicines information in particular. 

Formerly the CEO of Datapharm Communications, Steve was responsible for delivering the electronic Medicines Compendium in the UK.

Steve's interest in real-world evidence came through involvement with the UK Clinical Research Collaboration. The report he co-authored - R&D Advisory Group to Connecting for Health report on Research Simulations - focused on the potential for active surveillance of electronic health records could help identify clinical issues, treatment outcomes, and adverse drug reactions.

In 2022 Steve founded PharmAdvisor, a unique information system for clinicians and researchers that helps identify ADRs using data from the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System.

Steve’s new initiative, pharmaGPT, aims to provide a generative language model that is specific to pharmaceutical information. The system will deliver a model that provides clinicians, researchers and the public with current and accurate information about medicines with reliable provenance. pharmaGPT will be able to be embedded into medical systems and web applications.



58 minutes