Edelaman's Trust Barometer

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Listen back to hear Edelman present insights from their 2022 Trust Barometer survey, their 22nd annual survey and the 2022 Health Trust special report. This is the largest, annual, global survey of trust in the world, that takes a temperature check on trust within Government, business, media and NGOs.

It is now clearer than ever that trust is a key determinant of health, central to both individual and public healthcare decisions. More than two years on from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, increasing politicisation of public health is undermining trust in healthcare systems across the globe. This has led to persistent inequalities of access and outcomes, fuelled by a widespread infodemic.

As the world’s leading authority on Trust, this new research examines the pandemic-driven evolution in people’s orientation towards health and healthcare and the relationship between trust in the healthcare system and health outcomes.

There was a presentation of the key survey results followed by discussion with a panel of industry experts who will provide their insights with rich discussion exploring the business and communication impact for people working in the health industry and opportunity for a Q&A.

The session shows how you can leverage these insights to:

  • deliver more impactful outcomes for your health business
  • understand what actions you can take to build trust in the future
  • leverage trust capital to drive health outcomes regardless of where you sit within the healthcare ecosystem

Edelaman's Trust Barometer


58 minutes