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The Academy Foundation Plus Programme

The Foundation Plus Programme has been developed for those at the start or early stages of their Healthcare Communications career journey. A programme made up of a series of courses, designed to run alongside live ‘on the job’ experiences, over a two year timeframe. 'Foundation 'Plus' adds an on demand Compliance Course into the Foundation Programme, at an additional cost. Please navigate back to the Academy Home Page and book the Foundation Programme if you do not want to include the compliance course.

All the courses are delivered by experienced facilitators, endorsed by both associations. The courses have been developed and refined over time by our expert facilitators and from feedback of the many delegates who have already participated in them. Ensuring they maintain their relevance and impact in the rapidly changing marketplace.

The Academy Alumni will activate upon joining and open up the opportunity to receive additional useful insights and highlights from the course trainers during the two-year Academy journey, as well as post completion. A great opportunity to keep learning and development front and centre and continue to expand knowledge in support of professional development.

Foundation Plus CPD Programme Details: Please click on each course for details (please be sure to sign-up via the Academy 'Book This Event'  link here and not via the individual courses):

Foundation Programme



Pharmaceutical industry essentials

January - April


Molecule to marketing

May - August


Managing pressure and building resilience

September- December


How to impact and inspire


January - April

Assertiveness skills


May - August



September - December

Presentation (on demand)




Foundation Plus



Compliance Course (additional cost £450)

On demand

On demand

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£2450.00 per person (ex. VAT)

£2450.00 per person (ex. VAT)

£2450.00 per person (ex. VAT)

£2450.00 per person (ex. VAT)
Academy - Foundation Plus Programme

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