Next Week Is Wellbeing Week (10-14 Oct): Join us each day

Next week, starting on World Mental Health Day, is our Wellbeing Week 2022. The week has been developed by the HCA in collaboration with PAPYRUS, a charity dedicated to the promotion of positive mental health and emotional Wellbeing in young people. Each day, we will be discussing a different aspect of your Wellbeing.  You can hear and read about our topic for the day via our daily emails, at this website or on our social channels. Laura our Mental Health First Aid Trainer will talk you through that day’s Wellbeing topic and there will be an information sheet with further details.  We will also be joined each day by Sue, our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, who will be getting us moving with some simple exercises you can undertake in your workspace.

Healthcare Communications is always busy, but please, take a short pause each day to consider your Wellbeing and the Wellbeing of those you work with, and join us for Wellbeing Week 2022.


An introduction to Wellbeing Week from Laura (click above)

Meet Sue, our Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (click above)