20 Years of the HCA’s Benchmarking: Retrospective Prospective

As the HCA comes to the end of our 20th Anniversary Year, we take a look back at the key trends we have seen through our unique Agency Benchmarking Surveys over those years. The HCA’s Agency Benchmarking Survey has always been a highly valued service for all our members who participate.  Participating member agencies receive anonymized amalgamated data providing unique and valuable insights into trends and common challenges within our sector, thereby helping these organisations manage their business to the highest standards.  If your agency has not participated before, don’t miss out on the rich data the survey provides and sign up now for 2023.  Just email: info@the-hca.org

20 Years of the HCA’s Benchmarking: Retrospective Prospective is available to view here:

A huge thank you to our independent market researcher Aline Rogers who has been the guardian of the survey over all these years, and without whose contribution the survey would not be what it is today.  Also, a special thanks to all our Benchmarking Sub-Committee members over those years and to the current members:

Sorcha Ferris (chair), Antonia Betts, Claire Eldridge, Brendan Murphy, Reesha Rajani